Date Day Programme
1st Saturday New Academic year begins – Inaugural Ceremony
8th Saturday Portion for Periodic Test
15th Saturday Election of class Monitor & Asst. Monitor
17th Monday Election of House Captain and Asst. Captain
22nd Saturday Allot topics for Subject Assignment - Half Yearly Exam, Craft/ flower competition
27th Thursday Salad and Making competition
27th Thursday Drawing competition
29th Friday Camp – one day
5th Monday School Re-opens after summer vacation
17th Saturday Handwriting competition Std I - VIII
14th Saturday Story telling competition 1st to 3rd
3rd Monday Boat making competition for KG
8th Saturday Elocution competition 3rd to 10th
10th Monday Submission of Q. Paper Periodic Test
17th Monday Handwriting competition for KG
24th Monday Periodic Test
5th Saturday PTA and Open Day – Result of Periodic Test
12th Saturday Patriotic song competition house wise
15th Tuesday Independence Day
17th Thursday Rakhi competition - std 1st to 10th
17th Thursday Clay Competition for KG
20th Saturday Seminar on personal development for IX & X
5th Tuesday Teachers Day
13th Wednesday Hindi Day
18th Monday Submission of Assignments of Half Yearly Exam
22nd Saturday Submission of Q. Paper of Half Yearly Exam
2nd Monday Gandhi Jayanthi Fancy Dress Competition(Cleanliness campaign)
3rd Tuesday Half Yearly Exam
14th Saturday Open Day – Result of Half Yearly Exam
16th Monday Talent hunt competition – Std 1st to 10th
17th Tuesday Poster competition(House Wise)
3rd Friday School Re-open after Deepawali vacation
4th Saturday Allot topics for Subject Assignment SA 2
14th Tuesday Children Day Celebration
15th Wednesday Rhymes Competition for KG
9th Saturday Rehearsal
15th Friday Annual Sports Day
20th Wednesday Card making competition Std 1st to 10th
24th Sunday Christmas Holidays
2nd Tuesday School Re-opens after Christmas Vacation
5th Friday Submission of Question papers Pre – Annual Exam
5th Friday Reading competition Std 1st to 4th
6th Saturday Geography exhibition Std 5th to 10th
15th Monday Pre Annual Exam
26th Friday Republic Day – Flag Hoisting Ceremony
27th Saturday Open Day – Result Pre – Annual Exam
17th Saturday Farewell to std X (will be organised by std IX along with their class teacher)
24th Saturday Submission of Q. Papers of Annual Exam
26th Monday Submission of Assignment of Annual Exam
27th Tuesday Marathi Day/ Science Exhibition
10th Saturday Annual Exam
26th Monday Result – readmission Std I to std IV(purchase of books/uniforms)
27th Tuesday Result – Readmission std V to X (purchase of books/uniforms)
2nd Monday New Academic Year Begins for Ist to Xth
1st May Tuesday Summer Vacation begins
6th Jun’18 Monday School Re-opens after Summer Vacation