1. Progress report will be issued after each round of test parents are kindly requested to take note of the remarks written in the progress card
  2. The periodic progress reports as well as final examination report will withhold in case of pending payment of fees to the school.
  3. The decision of the principal with regard to promotion after the annual examination will be final and will not ordinarily be considered.
  4. Parents must compulsory attend the open day on the date prescribed by the school failing which no other person shall be admitted to view of obtain any information with regard to the pupil’s progress card.
  5. The students will have to attend all the time unit tests and two semester examinations. The general performance in all these tests and examinations will be taken in to account for promotion or detention of a pupil.
  6. A student failing to appear for examination/test will not be re examined on any account results will be declared depending on the students performance during the year.
  7. A student failing to appear for examination in a particular subject shall be excluded from being reckoned in the order of merit or rank in the examination credit in the subject exam for which the student failed to appear shall be nil/void.