OUR PATRON (Beyond The Ordinary Our Guiding Light)


Vend Fr. Agnel is the inspiration and juicing light for our children he was a member of polar society& people from all over India hail him as assent. he was born in the beautiful and picturesque village of Anjuna, in Goa on Wednesday 21st of January,1869 he was named Angelo meaning little lamb this name Angelo or little lamb portrayed perfectly his character gentle pure peace-loving humble and obedient he was the sixth of nine children eight boys and a girl.

Fr. Agnelo father was disciplinarian but always fair towards his workers and devoted to his wife and family his mother was a remarkable woman well devoted and hard working in spite of her busy schedule with her own children them sewing and music his exemplary parents made Fr.Agnelo what he is

Fr Agnelo was a gentle and pious child he was blessed with an excellent memory and he was always at the top of his class Fr.Agnelo was far ahead of other children of his age he even taught other children how to pray he was a born leader and left called by god to lead his people as a protest he joined the seminary after excelling in his studies, Fr.Agnelo was ordained a priest by archbishop valence on 24th of September 1899

Fr.Agnelo’s priestly life is remarkable and touching the time he spent in prayer penance reading and reflection and living a life obedient to his superiors shows forth his saintly life he was an outstanding preacher helpful and generous to the people who approached to him kind and tender loving towards all in guiding and supporting them

On 20th November 1927 on the feat of sacred heart of Jesus, Fr.Agnelo passed away while preaching at the vespers spontaneously of people go to his tomb in pillar to pray.

People consider him to be saint precisely because he was deep thinker and people used to come to listen to his sermons he was an honest persona person who gathered all people around him without looking at caste or wealth and he helped all people around him he never had a bad word for anyone we have chosen him as the model for our schools because this what we our children to be.

We would like Fr.Agnelo school to promote intellectunce emotional maturity and openness social awareness and commitment so that we make our children proud citizens of India.