1. Discipline is a must in a teaching learning process all the students observe the same disobedience disrespect irregular attendance copying during the examination will be severely dealt with
  2. The uniform must conform to the higher secondary school model and students attend school in full uniform students failing to conform to these rules are liable to be sent home.
  3. Students should come to class in time students coming late must get their calendars signed by the principal
  4. The school calendar and identity card must be brought to school every day.
  5. No students will leave the school premises during school hours interval without the permission from the principal a student who fails to keep this rule will be dealt school hours.
  6. Students are not permitted to bring mobile phones in the school campus during the school hours.
  7. Students are strictly prohibited from disfiguring walls tables benches desks etc. the students will be severely dealt with and will be liable to compensate the loss to the school if no one owns up the damage a collective fine will be imposed on students.
  8. No strangers or outsiders except staff members and students enrolled and their parents guardians will be allowed in the school premises will be severely seal with.
  9. As English is the medium of instruction of the school all the students should compulsorily speak English in the school premises.
  10. Valuable like gold earrings bangles chains, mobiles etc. should not be worn of brought to the school the school authority will not be responsible for any loss or theft of such articles.
  11. Any student who has committed an act of serious indiscipline of misbehavior or who in the opinion of the principal has an adverse influence on his fellow students may be expelled from the school
  12. Students joining this school are to observe all the rules and regulations and instructions of the institution to the satisfaction of the principal
  13. All the important announcements and notices shall be made during the assembly and shall be placed on the school notice board omission to take note of such announcements shall not be valid excuse for non-compliance thereof.
  14. In all matters concerning the institution its staff and its students the decision of the principal will be final and binding.