Fr Agnel School Chandgad


Preamble Of The Constitution Of India

We, the people of India, having solemnly resolved to constitute India into a  (Sovereign, Socialist, Secular, Democratic republic) and to secure to all its   citizens;

JUSTICE – social, economic and political;

LIBERTY – of thought, expression, belief, faith and worship;

EQUALITY – of status and of opportunity; and to promote among them all

FRATERNITY – assuring the dignity of the individual and the (unity and the integrity of the Nation).


Every person is made in the image of God. Education enables the child to realize his/her full potential: Intellectually, emotionally, physically, spiritually and culturally. In doing so, the kingdom of God is realized in every Child of God.

The practice of these attitudes would lead to an atmosphere of Freedom, Peace and Joy in our lives- truly being Human.

Our school strives to inculcate and enables the values of the kingdom in the child: GOD CONSCIOUSNESS: promoting the practice of prayer, silence and respect for plurality.

TRUTH: transparency in dealings and conviction building.

EQUALITY: non-discrimination and affirmative action for the poor and marginalized.

SHARING: reaching out to others through cultural and social activities.

JUSTICE: respecting rights and giving each his/her due and fairness in all dealings.

COMPASSIONATE JUDGEMENT: being sensitive to the needs and situation of others.

EXCELLENCE: professionalism in academics and enabling all round human development.

SOCIO-ECO- CONSCIOUSNESS: care of the planet and proper use of all resources.


The society was founded on 26th September 1887 by very Rev. Fr. Bento Martins. The Pilar Monastery in Goa was the headquarters of this society. Ven . Fr. Agnelo D’souza, a Saintly priest was one of the members. He had prophesized that the society has a great future. In 1939 another group of priests re-organized this society and gave it much – needed spiritual sap and a wider vision to serve the humanity. The Society consists of 4 provinces and a region. The 4 Provinces are Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai and Goa. The society has the distinction of running and managing many leading institutions, degree colleges , Engineering Colleges, Diploma Institutes, Senior Secondaries,  High Schools, ITI etc  all over India , in Delhi,  Haryana , Punjab , Maharashtra,  Madhya Pradesh,  Gujarat ,  Andamans , Arunachal Pradesh etc.

The First Batch of class X

In the year 2016 -17 our first batch of Class X comprising 32 students had appeared for the CBSE examination. We had cent percent result. It is a moment of gratitude for all the staff members who have been working with great zeal and enthusiasm.Overall result of the first batch of class X that appeared for April 2017 CBSE Examination as follows.

5 students have secured 10 CGPA, 10 students secured 9 CGPA, 7 students secured 8 CGPA, 6 students secured 7 CGPA and 4 students secured 6 CGPA.